The quotes API main endpoint is https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/quote/ and the following functions are currently available.

Create quote

  • Endpoint: https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/quote/<JOB #>/create

E.G. https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/quote/0/create

  • Request Data: A JSON object containing the following information. Required fields are prefixed with an asterisk (*)
     *"issued_on": "The date the quote is issued on (can be backdated), in format 'yyyy-mm-dd' e.g. 2018-08-30",
     "description": "A description for this quote - string",
     "notes": "Notes about the quote - string",
     *"tax_exclusive": boolean,            
     "estimation": boolean,
     "cover_page": integer - This can be found in the cover page section of the company settings,
     *"items": [
              "sku": "SKU of a product within Trade Trak - use either this field OR description and cost fields",
              "use_retail": For use with the "sku" field, tells the API whether to use the retail price or cost price of a product. Defaults to true if not passed - boolean,
              "description": "Description for the quote item, this will be ignored if the `sku` field is used",
              "cost": Unit cost of the item, this will be rounded to 2 decimal places, this will be ignored if the `sku` field is used,
              "units": Quantity of item, this will not be rounded at all,
              "gst": Does this item have GST applied - boolean
  • Request Type: POST
  • Returned Data: Returns quote information for created quote, or an array containing error information if the quote wasn't created successfully. See List quotes for data returned.

List quotes

  • Endpoint: https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/quote/<Optional JOB #>/list

E.G. https://app.tradetrak.com.au/api/quote/0/list

  • Request Data: None
  • Request Type: GET
  • Returned Data: Returns quote information for all quotes for a job, or all quotes for company if no job specified.
     "id": "1",
     "quote_number": "QT_0001",
     "issued_on": "2018-08-30",
     "total_amount": 536.24,
     "description": "A description for this quote",
     "notes": "Some notes",
     "tax_exclusive": true,            
     "items": [
              "description": "A part",
              "cost": 149.99,
              "units": 1,
              "sub_total": 149.99,
              "gst": 15.00,
              "total": 164.99,
              "description": "Labour",
              "cost": 75.00,
              "units": 4.5,
              "sub_total": 337.50,
              "gst": 33.75,
              "total": 371.25,
     "job": Job details (see above),