Trade Trak API


  1. Basics
  2. Authentication
  3. Job API functions
  4. Client API functions
  5. Supplier API functions
  6. File API functions
  7. Quote API functions
  8. Product API functions
  9. Order API functions


All API requests to Trade Trak are made to the base endpoint All requests are type of "application/json" with the exception of the file upload API request which is a form data request.

The request takes information in the form of both headers and JSON data. All requests must be authenticated using an API Token found within the app, you can see it under the "Other" tab if you have super admin access.

Company settings


Authentication is done via a HTTP header sent with the request. Add the header ttrack-token with a value of the API token from the company settings page to all requests. If the API token is not sent with the request or the token is incorrect, the request will fail.

This token allows access to your job listing so keep it private and only share it with users that should have access.

In the future this API token will be on an individual user access and the company administrators can determine what users have access to the API and what components are available.

To confirm the API key is valid you can make a simple request to the base URL of `/api/` with the `ttrack-token` set. This will attempt to return the name of the company associated with the API key. If the key is not valid it will instead return false.