Annotating Files

Annotating Files on Trade Trak

Annotations can easily be added to files on Trade Trak.

Accessing Files

Select the job you would like to annotate a file for from the ’Jobs’ module.

On the left-hand side navigation bar, select Files.

Annotating Files 1

Accessing Annotations

From the list of files, select the one you would like to annotate.

Once on the individual file’s page, press the ’...’ button, and from the drop-down menu, select ’Annotations’

Annotating Files 2

Add an Annotation

On this page, you will be able to see all annotations that have been made to the file in the past.

To add a new one, click ’Annotate’

Annotating Files 3

New Annotations

Here you will be able to name the annotation, add a text annotation and choose from a drop-down menu whether or not you would like to notify other users.

You are also able to use the draw function for the file itself.
You can free draw using the pencil, erase, add shapes, and change the colour of the drawing from the left-hand toolbar.
In the top toolbar, you can select a different thickness for the pencil.

Annotating Files 4