Emails on Trade Trak

Emails on Trade Trak

Trade Trak allows you to set up a custom email address, receive emails straight to the app, and assign them to jobs.

1) Accessing Email Settings

To access email settings, click on your icon or name in the top right corner on the navigation bar, select ‘Company Settings’ from the drop-down menu, and then select ‘Other’. Email Settings will be available in this section.

Email Settings 1

2) Custom Email Addresses

Trade Trak will set a default email address for your company, although this is easily changed. Under email settings, there is a text box next to ‘Inbound Email Address’ where your default email will be shown. You can change this to whatever suits your company, as long as ‘’ remains the same.
Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of ‘Other’ settings to save the changes.

Email Settings 2

3) Forwarding Emails

In email settings, you will notice a checkbox to the right of where you set the inbound email address. Tick this box to allow all company users to send emails to the set address without having to add them to the whitelist.
Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of ‘Other’ settings to save the changes.

4) Email Whitelist

You can also allow users outside of the company to send emails to your custom address. Add email addresses to the whitelist box. You can separate them either by commas or by entering them on different lines.
Click ‘Save’ at the bottom of ‘Other’ settings to save the changes.

Email Settings 3

5) Accessing Your Inbox

To access your email inbox on Trade Trak, click your icon or name in the top right corner of the navigation bar, and select ‘Inbox’ from the drop-down menu.

Email Settings 4

6) Viewing Your Inbox

Your inbox shows an overview of the emails you have received to your custom address. Shown is the status of the email, the date it was received, an email preview (which can be expanded to the full email by clicking on the title), the sender and you can also see an image preview if there were any attachments.
You can search for an email using keywords in the search bar, or filter by status.

Email Settings 5

7) Assign to Job

On the Inbox page, you are also able to assign an email to a job. Find the email that you need to assign, and on the right side, there is an ‘assign’ button which will prompt a drop-down menu. Select from the list which job you would like to assign the email to.

It will then be moved from your inbox and assigned to the job as a note.

Email Settings 6

8) Assigned Emails

To view assigned emails in your inbox again, you need to filter the results. Click the filter button, change the status from 'Awaiting' to 'Assigned', and your email will appear here. From here you can also edit which job the email is to be assigned to.

Email Settings 7